Five Dead After Helicopter Crash In New York City | NBC Nightly News


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  • Hod D
    Hod D  4 weeks back

    Fake news they dont show it sink it bobbed and floated in the video all people involved are liars

    • userdetails1
      userdetails1  1 months back

      It's the taliban. Bomb afghanistan!

      • Billy Hill
        Billy Hill  1 months back

        God b w fams. Rip.

        • Michael Hamilton
          Michael Hamilton  7 months back

          he didn’t explain the entire saftey features

          • TheDonkeyPilot
            TheDonkeyPilot  12 months back

            I didn't know David is a helicopter pilot lol. Thought he only flies airplanes? Maybe messup from Fox?

            • Shawn Futch
              Shawn Futch  1 years back

              If a fire man didn't have time to react I'm not so sure the harness was only factor, you ever try to hold your breath in cold water ?

              • Shilonious Monk
                Shilonious Monk  1 years back

                Easy to see the fakeness you liars.